Disclaimer: Conference Schedule is still subject to change.

Main Stage: Consensus
Breakout Rooms: Tokenomics, Hash, DApps, and Node

6:30-8:00Check-in & Breakfast
8:00-8:30KEYNOTE: Preparing for the Blockchain Revolution
- Perianne Boring
8:45-9:05Why Bitcoin Matters for
Freedom - Alex Gladstein
Why WA State is Crypto-Friendly Panel

Moderator: Tamara Rogers
Panelists: Faith Anderson, Charles Clark,
Michael Schutzler
Blockchain-powered IoT Network for Next-Generation Supply Chain - Radoslav DragovNEO•ONE
9:15-9:35Case Study of Estonia, the First Blockchain Nation in the World -
Oleg Shvaikovsky
Why WA State is Crypto-Friendly Panel Cont.Real World Use Cases Using OnChain/OffChain Blockchain
Strategies - Simon Yu
9:45-10:05The Best Kept Secret for Advancing the Blockchain Industry - Kiran Raj Why Crypto Will Go Mass
Market - Neil Bergquist
RChainMetronome: The Built to Last Cryptocurrency hosted by Bloq
10:15-10:35Smart Contracts: Why Don't Need New Laws - Dax Hansen Bringing Big Brands and Merchants to the Blockchain - Ahmad AlkabraBean to Cup: Building a Blockchain with People in Mind -
Paul & Scott Tupper
RChainMetronome Cont.
Exhibit Hall Opens10:35-11:00Break
11:00-11:20Gaming Panel

Moderator: Nate Whitehill

Panelists: Mickey Maher,
Danil Myakin
Blockchain Investments: Fortunes and Failures – Strategies and Best Practices from an Angel Investor’s Perspective - Mark Mueller-Eberstein
Increasing Transparency in the Airline Voucher System - Saritta HinesDragonchain
11:30-11:50Blockchain Powered Art - Niccolò Filippo Veneri SavoiaPost Token Sale Operational Scaling - Arry YuBlockchain and the Business of Identity - Chris SpantonDragonchain
12:00-12:20Special Announcements
1:20-1:40Blockchain Only Has One Use Case - J.R. WillettICOs & the Current State of Regulation Panel Cont.

Moderator: Jordan French
Panelists: John Roth, Ken Moyle, Jonathan Miner,
Jenny Ta
What Are You Feeding Me? Food Safety, Consumer Trust & Blockchain
Proof - Eric Weaver
HyperledgerReimagine Resourcing - Shirly Roets
1:50-2:10Blockchain-Powered Self-Sovereign Identity for Citizens and Governments - Drummond ReedICOs & the Current State of Regulation Panel Cont.Infrastructure
Security - Randy Bishop
HyperledgerReimagine Time - Joe Roets
2:25-2:45Healthcare Panel -

Moderator: Maura Little
Panelists: Molly Moore and Pam Dixon
Accelerating Local Economic Development Using Blockchain -

Moderator: David Harris
Panelists: Daniel Robles, Lindsay Nuon
In Market Applications for Global Food &
CPG - Drew Zabrocki
Reimagine Community - Joe Roets
2:55-3:15Healthcare Panel Cont.How to Use Blockchain and Zero Knowledge Proof Systems to Prove Possession - Adam Philipp Supporting Innovation on the Blockchain - Katey HarrisonReimagine Community Cont.
3:40-4:00How Bittrex and Unikrn are working together to solve some of Blockchains biggest Problems - Rahul SoodManagement of Private Keys Panel

Moderator: Lindsay Nuon
Panelists: Kenneth Hodler, Stan Bounev, Karl Weaver
New Blockchain Innovations Panel

Moderator: Chris Champion
Panelists: Darren Marble, Paul Rogers, Max Niebylski
Reimagine Consensus - Paul Sonier
4:10-4:30Blockchain for Decentralized and Sustainable Journalism - Toby FoxManagement of Private Keys Panel Cont. New Blockchain Innovations Panel
Reimagine Consensus Cont.
4:45-5:05Keynote Talk - Peter Vessenes
5:25-5:55Taproom Talk - Joe Roets, Matt Roszak, Chris Jones
6:00-7:00Networking Reception